"Health is a large word. It embraces not the body only, but the mind and spirit as well;...
and not today's pain or pleasure alone, but the whole being and outlook of a man."
~James H. West

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Lisa Cutforth - Wednesday, April 01, 2009
last day of keeping my diet diary: 30th:  8am: Muesli for breakfast 10am: handful of almonds 1pm: I nibbled on a mandarin just before lunch, then enjoyed a tuna and cabbage salad (one of my favourites): cabbage, tuna, tomato, green onion, lemon juice, olive oil 3pm: pear 7.30pm:  A big serving of Vegetable stir fry and a piece of Salmon Fillet 8.30pm: we went to the movies to watch X-Men: Wolverine, and had taken in a couple of dark chocolate with mint sticks and a handful of little mini eggs... so we ate a few of those each. Went to dancing tonight, I haven't been able to dance or exercise for about 10 days, as I hurt my foot, so really enjoyed last night! 29th April 5.45am Muesli for breakfast 7 am: Chai soy latte at breakfast meeting 10.30am:  An apple, a Cup of rooibos tea and a museli rusk 1pm: 2 rice paper rolls, with bean stew, cucumber, celery, tomato, fresh coriander 3pm: Busy hungry day, so ate a muesli bar to keep me going 8pm: Out for dinner:  Shared a quail starter, never eaten quail before, it tastes just like chicken, it was served with fig and goats cheese and was delicious.  For my main I had a linguine pasta with spinach, wild mushrooms and cherry tomato and a bit of shaved parmesan. I had half a glass of wine with dinner. At the end of the evening we shared a Quince sponge tart for desert (very small but very tasty).  I had a decaf cappacino. Absolutely decadent tasty dinner, small portions, great flavours. 28th 8am Muesli for Breakfast 9am:  Mtg:  Chai Soy Latte 11: an apple and a handful of delicious fresh almonds, gift from a client... so yummy 12.30: Lunch:  Tuna Salad 2.30 pm:  Meeting: Jasmin tea 7pm:    Homemade curry at friends: Lentil and veg soup starter (very small portion to taste).   There were 2 different curries: Beef and vegetable and Dahl (Lentil) curry, I had a serving spoon of each with about a cup of rice. Lots of water through the day 27th April 6.45am Muesli for breakfast 10am: mandarin 12.30pm:  an apple 1.30pm:  Bowl of last nights left over polenta and sauce 3pm: glass of water 4pm:  Sesame seed and honey snack (4 thin crispy sheets) 4.30pm: Herbal tea 7.30pm:  A bowl of Homemade Bean and lamb soup (with fresh veggies) 26th April Glass of Water Bunch of grapes 8.30am Muesli for breakfast 12: green tea 12.30 pm: an apple 2pm: Mandarin 2.30pm:  Went to the movies: had  a mango smoothie and shared a medium box of popcorn between 2. 4.30pm:  Shared a tuna salad (small tin of tuna, tomato, baby spinach, half a chopped apple, a handful of raisins, lemon juice) 7.30pm:  A bowl of Polenta and tomato relish (tomato, onion, grated carrot, chilli, olive oil, and green beans). 25th April Glass of Water 7am: muesli with hot water 9.10am: herbal tea 10.30am: 2 small lady finger bananas 12:  2 small plums 12.30: handful of raw unsalted brazil nuts and almonds 3pm: mandarin 5pm: trail mix 8pm:  Charity Party: Finger food snacks:  Cucumber, smoked salmon and avocado stack, 2 vegetarian rice paper rolls, 3crackers with goats cheese, 6 slices of assorted melon 9.30pm: Banana and cream slice  for pudding (small piece) 2 glasses of white wine Lots of water throughout the day   24th April I woke up feeling pretty dehydrated, tired and groggy from last nights late coffee and chocolate... wonderful to see how the body responds to these foods, to remind myself why I don't usually do that! Glass of water with half a lemon squeezed in. 6.30am:  Made some quinoa  porridge for breakfast, boil the quinoa (for longer than normal, until water is absorbed and grains start to break up.  I served up 3/4 of  a cup full into which I stirred half a grated apple, and two spoons of stewed apple, 1 tablepoon almond meal and 1 tablespoon natural yoghurt, and a generous sprinkling of cinnamon.  11.30am: Jasmin tea Lunch meeting:  Grilled salmon, new potatoes and green onion.  1/2 glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and about 3 glasses of water. 3pm: Big bunch of red grapes (seeded). 8pm: vegetable stirfry (carrot, broccoli, cabbage, ginger, garlic, pepitas, onion, sesame, coconut and olive oil and a dash of soya sauce (low salt) about 1 and a half cups full stirred into half a cup of rice noodles. 23rd April 7.30am: Muesli for breakfast 9:30 am:  1 and a half apples chopped into pieces 12:00:  leftover pasta from the night before with half a tin of tuna stirred through it. Out and about in meetings all afternoon, lots of water, lemon grass and ginger herbal tea. banana in the car at about 5.15pm.. Two Evening Meetings back to back: Chickpea, pistatio, orange and feta chunky dip, crackers, cheese, grapes... I ate a bunch of grapes, 2 pieces of cheese and about 6 crackers with the dip. No chai tea available, no soya milk available, so had 2 decaf cappacinos: very unusual for me.  Had 4 glasses of water over the evening. They were selling chocolate bars to raise money for charity, so I also ate 3 pieces off a chocolate bar:  one with macadamia nuts. 22nd April 7:15 am Large glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon. Muesli for breakfast 10 am: Morning meeting, Jasmin tea, and a piece of raisin bun, and a couple of bite sized pieces (2 cm square) of a homemade apparenly "healthy" chocolate coffee cake.  It was yummy but am not convinced about healthy ;o) 1.30pm: an apple and half a Carmens muesli bar (the nut one) 2.30pm:   Left overs from yesterday:  small bowl of curry and rice (3/4 cup) 5pm:  Muesli rusk and a cup of chai tea 8pm:  Snacked on a Mandarin and celery sticks and a bit of left over basil pesto while I cooked dinner. Rice noodles with pasta sauce (my favourite one:  I make it with lots of fresh garlic, tinned tomato, chili, fresh basil and a bit of oregano, black olives, capers and a big dollop of olive oil, which I add at the end.)  Yum.  (Tonight I didn't have capers, so left those out.)  21st April Water Freshly pressed juice: celery, lemon, carrot, ginger and apple 7am: Breakfast meeting:  Jasmin Tea (a great social tea) Fresh fruit platter (guava, grapes, kiwi fruit, orange).  Next on the menu they served bacon, eggs, white toast, tomato which I declined (I am not a big fan of a heavy greasy brekkie first thing in the morning) and asked them to bring me some muesli:  they brought me a "just right" cereal.  I ate about half the bowl full, and a piece of banana and walnut bread.  I had another cup of jasmin tea (Jasmin tea is one you can safely enjoy with meals, and can actually compliment digestion.) 11.30am Cup of pepperment tea 12.15am:  A small bowl full of Homemade curry (coconut milk base, lots of veggies, bit of beef) and brown rice with beans.  2pm:  a handful of almonds, 3 mini chocolate eggs 3pm: Licorice tea and a glass of water 4pm: A banana chopped with cinnamon and almond meal, was really in a particularly snacky mood today, so had to make sure I had access to healthy food. 7pm:  Minestrone soup (and I threw in the fibre bits from the veg that was left from the juice this morning! to see how that worked, hate to waste all that goodness).  I am sure it made the soup healthier but to be honest it was a bit of a strange texture for soup, not convinced about that... better to just use whole veggies and eat whole fruit than use the juicer I guess is the final verdict.  But I continue to enjoy a freshly pressed juice on occasion, especially when I am having a few particularly intensive or longer than normal days!  Nice to have the nutrient "shot"!   20th April Wow!  I have just been in the most credible seminar... Christopher Howard: Breakthrough to Success: I highly recommend it!!!!  And if anyone wants tickets to his next event in Brissie in September, I have some!  so email me on health@ivegotlife.com.au... Today: recovery day: Fruit salad for breakfast:  melon, banana and pear Midday: mandarin then  rice paper rolls for lunch (3 thin ones) (tuna, red pepper, baby spinach leaves) Afternoon snack: Carmen's muesli bar  Dinner Out:  2 small pieces bruschetta, 3 scallops in butter and lemon, shared a main course: Salmon, baked potato and green beans and wilted spinach 4 mini chocolate eggs 2 glasses of wine  So what did I eat at this seminar to keep my energy up for 3 days and my mind focused! 19 April: Freshly pressed juice: apples, celery, carrot, ginger Muesli Almonds and a pear and a mandarin Lunch: a pear, celerry sticks with peanut butter, carrot sticks, cherry tomatos afternoon break:  shared a piece of chocolate cake and a decaf cappacino Dinner break: a muesli bar and a salad (peppers, tomato, baby spinach, apple, red onion)  18 April: Muesli morning break: apple, nuts and yoghurt Lunch break: quinoa and tuna salad afternoon snack:  1 salad sandwich, 1 tuna sandwich, mandarin Herbal teas and water through the day 17 April: Muesli Tea break: pear and handful of almonds Lunch break: Quinoa salad with beans, and spinach Afternoon break: almonds, mandarin, and a biscuit Dinner: light dinner of cheese and crackers, grapes, dried fruit, almonds Lots of water and herbal tea during the day 16 April Water 8am: Muesli and yoghurt Turkish apple and cinnamon tea 3 glasses of water 1pm: pear and a handful of nuts 2.30pm: mandarin, 2 slices of wholegrain spelt and seeded toast with peanut butter 500ml bottle water 5pm: pear 7.30pm: 3/4 of a cup sweet potato mash (mashed with sweet chilli sauce), 1 kangaroo kebab, 1 cup peas. 9pm: cut of white raspberry tea   15 April: 7.30 am Breakfast meeting: Green tea, Small fruit platter and 2 tablespoons yoghurt 2 glasses of water 9am: chai soy latte and muesli 12.20: mandarin and a handful of nuts, not hungry enough for lunch 2:30pm:  late lunch: salad: rocket, baby spinach leaves, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, quinoa (1/3 cup), feta cheese (match box size), olives, apple cider vinegar and olive oil Glass of water 4pm: chai tea   14 April: Big glass of water 7:10 am Muesli Jasmin tea 11.30am:  slice of pumpkin toast with peanut butter. 1pm:  Tuna salad:  one carrot grated, one tomato, half a tin of tuna, spring onion, about 4 inches of cucumber, 2 table spoons sprouted mung beans.  Dressed with apple cider vinegar and olive oil. 3pm:  Chai tea and... NOTICED THE LINDT CHOCCIES ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER... and helped myself to three little Lindt balls (2 dark chocolate and 1 hazelnut) and had gobbled them up while the kettle boiled and I was making my tea... before I even had time to think about it... so ate a few almonds to ease the blood sugar burden... they tasted great but at 4pm I am really feeling the negetive effects of my moment of weakness!  ;o)  Got a bit of a dull head, and I feel a bit flushed.  Do you notice any of these symptoms in your body when you eat certain foods?  Start to take notice of them, and generally avoid foods that make you feel like this.  It is always a good idea to listen to your body when it is communicating with you.  Lisa's tip: if you have any easter eggs left, PUT them away!  It is best not to leave them out where you can see them, or every time you walk past they will say, "Hello, please eat me!"  I have now put mine on the bottom shelf of the fridge, at the back, out of sight, out of mind.  It is too easy to eat something because it's there, and to tell yourself you really want it, especially if you are working, overwhelmed, bored, stressed, having a busy day or feeling a little under the weather. Glass of water 2 more glasses of water 8.20 pm:  consulting so late dinner, Vegetable curry (coconut milk, mixed veggies, tofu and cashew nuts) with rice (half a cup).  A handsized piece of Naan with spinach and feta. 13 April: Big glass of water 6.15am Muesli 7am: jasmin tea 8.30 - 9: weight training with PT, glass of water drove home, glass of water 9.30 - ate a mandarin and then went for half an hour walk Handful of nuts and a piece of paw paw 11am: chai green tea 12: rooibos tea 1.30pm: A bowl of Quinoa with a Beans, tomato chilli sauce with fresh coriander.  (about 1 cup of cooked quinoa and 2 serving spoons of sauce) 330 pm: handful of almonds and a mini choc egg 4pm:  Chai green tea glass of water 6.15pm: Making salmon and veggies for dinner.  Baked salmon (ginger, garlic and soy) served with broccoli, pumpkin seeds and pea warm salad, and fresh tomato with a chili olive oil dressing. 7.40pm: Latin Dance class 1 and a half hours 12 April: Happy Easter! 8.30: Fruit for breakfast, big family lunch planned and morning tea... so wanted a light brekkie.  Glass of water, Half a small Pawpaw chopped up, half an apple chopped up. 11.45am: Morning tea, what a spread!  Sandwiches, cakes (3-4 different varieties!), biscuits, muffins, cupcakes, mini cupcakes, scones, mini quiches. I had Black tea and half a scone and 2 mini (bite sized) cupcakes 2pm:  Lunch Menu: Roast chicken; potato bake; 3 different salads (orange, hazelnut and beetroot salad; cabbage and pea salad; green salad); ham, bread, stuffing I had a serving of potato bake, and a desert spoon of stuffing, and piled my plate high with the 3 different delicious salads! They were so good I went back for seconds! Plenty of protein in them too with the peas and hazelnuts! A desert spoon of the cabbage salad and the orange beetroot and hazelnut... 3pm: For desert we had: stewed apples in a cinnamon syrup, yoghurt dressing, baked banana with coconut and chocolate, and short bread biscuit crumbs to sprinkle on the top. I enjoyed 1 and a half pieces of stewed apple with the yoghurt dressing and about a teaspoon of the short bread biscuit  sprinkled over the top, and a teaspoon of the banana one to taste it (very sweet but yummy). And a glass of white wine. 4pm: 4 mini (bitesize) chocolate eggs with a peanut brittle centre and a cup of chai tea...   As I had broken my own "no gorging" philosophy, I was too full to eat dinner!  So at about 7pm, I made myself a light snack, small bowl of black olives, a handful of sprouts and I chopped up a big carrot, I used a tablespoon of peanut butter and a tablespoon of basil and cashew nut pesto for dipping. I also enjoyed 2 herbal teas over the course of the evening, a peppermint and a licorice tea. 11 April: glass of water with squeeze of lime 8am mandarin 9am: muesli with yoghurt (natural organic) and a teaspoon of honey 10am:chai tea around midday: 3 dried figs and a handful of almonds 1pm: raspberry white tea 2pm: kangaroo kebabs and leftover veggies (stirfry and roast butternut) 5pm: apple and a handful of almonds glasses of water Dancing: 2 hours Ginger beer 2 glasses of Water Late dinner so kept it light: grilled garlic mushrooms, greek salad (lettuce, tomato, onion, feta, olives), a hand full of sprouted mung beans water 10 April glass of water 8am: mandarin 8.30 am: Muesli 10am: chai green tea 11.20 am: peppermint tea 12.30 attended a luncheon:  snacks included chips, dips (mediteranean), turkish bread, olives, dolmades, cheese I had 4 or 5 olives, 2 pieces of turkish bread with the aubergine dip and the basil and cashew nut dip, 2 dolmades Lunch choices included: salad (with avocado, tomato, cucumber, spinach leaves, lettuce), crumbed fish, chips, spagetti with a tomato and squid sauce I had 2 scoops of the pasta (about 3/4 cup full) and then a full plate of salad, no dressing.  I also pinched 3 chips. Glass of red wine. 4pm: Licorice tea 5pm: plum 7pm: made a light dinner as was still full from lunch: made steamed spinach which I dressed with chili olive oil and a generous squeeze of lemon juice, asparagus spears and a carrot salad (shredded or grated carrot, raisins, juice of a freshly squeezed orange, cumin), sprinkled mung beans on top of them. Dished up a big serving spoon of each filling half the plate and then 5 asparagus spears. Also made some kangaroo kebabs for lunch tomorrow, and I picked off a couple of pieces. 1/2 glass of rose 9pm: ginger tea 9 April glass of water 7am:  Muesli for breakfast 11.20am:  2 kiwi fruit chopped up with yoghurt dressing (left over from cooking party) glass of water 12.30pm: Big serve of Quinoa salad (rocket, fresh herbs, sundried tomato, chickpeas, butternut, spring onion, lemon and olive oil dressing). 1-3pm: meeting: 2 x Chai tea with soy 6pm: Dinner at Turkish restaurant: Shared 3 starters between 2: Red Lentil, red pepper, chicken and mushroom soup, turkish bread with Baba ganoush dip, Falaffels with hummus (5 falaffels) Half a glass of red wine 2 glasses of water 8pm: Decaf capaccino and shared a piece of chocolate mud cake.  An absolutely delicious decadent treat... one of my favourite rare treasures. 2 glasses of water Notes: (when going out for dinner, start by asking yourself a few questions: decide what sort of mood you're in: do you feel like snacky food or a main meal, are you in a sweet or savoury mood, how hungry are you, decide what sort of week you have had or day you have had diet wise... if you have had a good week, then treat this as a treat and order whatever you want.  If you have had a few treats for the week already then train yourself to start by looking out for the things you can have: what out of all the things on this menu are healthiest options, choose one of those: e.g. what has been grilled, what contains veggies or salads, what is low in saturated fat, what contains whole natural or unrefined food, what comes with veggies or salads (e.g. grilled chicken breast or fish of the day with veggies or salad, or one of the salads, or one of the soup of the day, a stir fry, or a selection of starters to share). 
  1. Don't overeat! Never feel the need to finish everything on your plate. 
  2. Plan ahead, if you are in a sweet mood, then order a healthier starter for your meal and then have desert. (Or do what I did and find a bit of a compromise and share a desert).
Exercise for the day:  30 minute walk 8 April glass of water 6.30 am Chai green tea 7am: plum and a kiwi fruit Chopped banana, tablespoon of almond meal, a tablespoon of sunflower seeds and half a teaspoon of cinnamon 9.20am Peppermint tea 10am:  small bowl (3 tablespoons) of granola gluten free mix Get up and Goji...  2.30pm: Sandwich: gluten free pumpkin bread, tuna and baby spinach leaves. 6pm: olives 7pm: My cooking party:  Sexy Salads so we enjoyed:  Fig, rocket and goats cheese salad; quinoa, roast butternut and chickpea salad and then fruit salad with a yoghurt dressing. 1 glass of wine. 4 more glasses of water through the day. 7 April Glass of water Bowl of Homemade Muesli 9.30am Meeting: Rooibos tea x 2, Energy Slice (Nutrient packed Homemade muesli slice/anzac style biscuits) (I will add the recipe for you) midday: I was out and about so had the snack I had taken with me: banana and a handful of nuts 3pm: Glass of water 3 celery sticks with peanut butter, Home made French onion soup and a piece of toasted, wholegrain seeded bread. 4 pm: Chai green tea 3 glasses of water between then and dinner Consultations until late, so late dinner 8.30pm: Cajun style Salmon steak (mixed Italian herbs and chili and paprika), a small serve of sweet potato wedges (dry roasted: cut sweet potato into thin wedges, place in a baking tray and bake for at least half an hour or until crisp on the outside and soft inside, no need to add oil), stir fried veg: bok choy, red peppers, onion, garlic, mange tout, aduki beans, pine nuts, filled half my plate. Half a glass of white wine 6 April 6am: large glass of water and a bowl of muesli. 8-9am Gym: PT workout (drank water throughout the session) 9.20 am: Plum 10.10: when I got home, I had a Glass water and a more substantial snack: a small banana chopped up, 2 tablespoons almond meal, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 tablespoon sunflower seeds. (TIP: it is important to eat after a training... preferably within the hour and some sort of protein... it is a good idea to plan ahead so you remember to take something with you, not like me this morning! A little unprepared with just my plum and my water. Next time I will take along some nuts, maybe an apple...) For Lunch I had last nights left over dinner: Chili bean sauce on polenta... yummy Enjoyed an early snacky dinner: rice crackers (brown rice), oysters, tomato, olives, celery, grapes, brie, sundried tomato. And a salad, I had a big helping of salad (spinach leaves, olives, cucumber, tomato, lemon juice and olive oil) and probably about 10 rice crackers, one with cheese, the rest with oysters or tomato and olives, 3 or 4 celery sticks, and the equivalent to a small handful of grapes. 2 herbal teas: one ginger, one chai green tea Glass of water Dance class this evening: 1 1/2 hours half a glass of water. After dancing I had a handful of nuts and dried cranberrys and raisins. My husband gave me chocolates for our anniversary, so I enjoyed 3 little ones (chocolate with hazelnut) with him during the day. (Tip: combing protein with carbohydrate helps to lower the glycaemic load of what is being eaten... so while chocolate is relatively high glycaemic load combinging it with nuts, like almonds or hazelnut will lower the glycaemic load, this not only makes the whole deal healthier: because you get the benefit of the goodness of the nuts, the complementary great taste but it also means the chocolate won't have nearly the same effect on your blood sugar. So when you eat chocolate, limit yourself to 3 or 4 pieces and combine it with nuts and better still make it dark organic chocolate!) It seems I have had a treat every day for the last 3 days! No treats tomorrow! 5 April Started by morning with a big glass of water, a handful of grapes (about 1/3 of a cup) Went for a bit of exercise: Ran for a 10 minute circuit around my neighbourhood, then walked the other way for a 10 minute circuit. Muesli for breakfast, same as yesterday but I added a tablespoon of lecithin granules... lecithin is fabulous for your brain... but it is also great for the liver. Wanted to give mine a little extra support, alcohol is a toxin that the liver has to metabolise... B vitamins, milk thistle, lecithin are all good liver supporters... as are yellow foods like lemon and bitter foods like rocket. 10 am: orange 11am: small bunch of grapes 15.50pm: Made cabbage salad for lunch: Cabbage, tuna, tomato, capers, oil, juice of one lemon 2.30pm: Met a friend for coffee at a French Patisserie... Had a decaf capaccino and a dark chocolate frog (specialty chocolate)... opted for that over the range of donuts and croissants and tartlets and all the decadent treats laid out... I had cake yesterday! 5.30pm: Early dinner as am out this evening, so wanted to prepare something quick... I ate the left over salad from lunch as a bit of an entree while dinner was cooking. For Dinner I made Polenta (made the instant one: 3 minutes to cook) and a South African style bean chili: ingredients include tin of mixed beans (rinsed and drained), grated carrot, chopped onion, tomatos, chilli, garlic, oil, seasoning to taste. Really yummy, in South Africa we would call this pap en sous or uphutu and sishebe. 8.30pm: Social outing... snacks where provided. (Crackers, toast, smoked salmon, avocado, melon, tomato, cucumber, cheese platter, teas, coffees). I had a green tea to drink and nibbled on a couple pieces of melon, 2 pieces of avocado which with smoked salmon, 2 rings of tomato, 3 or 4 rings of cucumber, 1 piece of cheese. Late snack, not an ideal time to eat... I stayed away from the crackers, at that time in the evening it is best not to have too many carbs before bed. Cup of hot water. 4 April Saturday... Big glass of water... Morning walk for half an hour... MUESLI: yay, i have missed my muesli, such a wondefully substantial breakfast! I make my own muesli with oats, raisins, mixed seeds (sunflower, pepitas, flax), mixed nuts (almonds, brazil nuts), coconut, cinnamon. Sometimes I will add other things, like puffed millet, or other grains... but this morning just like that. I have mine with water (which is a little bit "super freak" for some I know... but I don't drink milk, and actually I have come to really enjoy it this way. Occasionally I might have it with yoghurt.) Off to a wedding now... so keep posted for how I go... wonder what will be on the menu! Usually after a detox it is a good idea to wean yourself back into other foods slowly, so introducing fish, before red meat, and still keeping refined, processed foods, additives, preservatives and things to a minimum, and of course, alcohol and caffeine. I will indeed be having some wine today! (And actually looking forward to it!) Well I diligently carried a piece of paper around in my handbag yesterday just so that I could record everything for you... At 10.30 I joined the bribe while she was getting ready and we had a champagne toast. I had a glass of champagne. After the ceremony finished at about 12.30pm we all went to a coffee shop before heading to the restaurant. I had ordered a Chai Soy Latte, which was made very badly, so I had about 5 sips and then decided not to finish it. (Lesson there, if it doesn't taste good and you are only eating or drinking it for the taste... then don't finish it! I certainly don't order Chai Lattes for their nutritional content... so it would be a waste in my body to finish it! We often succumb to the... but I don't want to waste it, I've paid for it, I might as well finish it syndrome... here's the thing... it may be a waste as you throw it down the drain, but... what do you think happens to it in your body... it becomes waste... especially if it is poor nutrient content... and sometimes some of these treats contain other additives... so they become toxic waste in your body as you force them down. So, you can't get around it, waste is waste, one affects your body, the other doesn't ... Lesson learned I won't order a Soy Chai Latte from a chain coffee shop again and next time I might just order a plain chai tea, or a capaccino!) Some people ordered cakes, biscuits, hot chips, sandwiches... I decided to wait for lunch... but I did steal a hot chip and dunked it in tomato sauce. mmm... promise I only had one! I also scribbled down the menu so that you could see what I had to choose from... Menu: Japenese Restaurant So basically they just bought through different share plate combinations through the course of the afternoon. It is easy to overeat in these circumstances... there is so much to choose from and so much to taste and you can be tempted to want to eat some of everything! Restraint is definitely the order of the day... so how I handled it is sampling as many of the healthier options as I wanted and only one or two of the "naughtier" ones. Nice middle ground. But it was a wedding after all... and pretty much at a wedding... we don't want to be food police... do we? here is the set menu: They brought out each of these dishes in stages and we shared one plate between 4-5 people. First Course: Sashimi and Sushi Combo Soft shell crab with Nanban Sauce Chicken Karage- Deep Fried Gyoza- pan fried Japanese Dumplings Hotate wasabi Cream Yaki (Grilled scallops w/ wasabi flavoured cream sauce) Second Course: Miso Soup Wagyu Beef Steak Tempura Moriawase (Assorted battered veg, king prawns and fish). Duck Teriyaki w/ Orange sauce Teppan Seafood Chicken and Avocado salad Steam Rice Third Course: Green Tea Marble Ice Cream Wedding Cake: Almond and Orange cake with coconut iceing. Here's what I had! 1 Piece of tuna sashimi 2 Pieces sushi: California Roll, Prawn Soft Crab (2 pieces... bite sized) Scallop (didn't much like the cream sauce so picked out the scallop... very yummy) a bowl of Miso Soup Garnish: yummy herbs... parsely, coriander, carrot (SUPER FREAK... you eat the garnish? I hear you say!) From the Teppan seafood: I took a piece of salmon and half a piece of swordfish (cooked hot rock style, pieces were about the size of half my palm and a cm thick) The raggu beef came in a sauce with a couple of potatos under it... I didn't have any beef but I did pinch a piece of potato. 1 piece of the duck (about the size of my thumb) BIG helping of salad: but without the chicken... carrots, avo, lettuce, spinach, rocket... mostly... with a vinegrette dressing (about 1 cup and a bit). 2 mouthfuls of rice with soya sauce... which I had to eat with my chop sticks... so gave up! A piece of orange and almond cake with green tea. It was a long afternoon of eating and drinking... I had three glasses of white wine through the course of the afternoon. (3 small glasses) From there we went back to their house, where the festivities continued... they brought out more snacks and more drinks... Rice cracker crisps: 2 different flavours, and mini bite sized chocolates... Sangria and champagne. 7pm I had a good handful of the rice cracker crisps and a glass of bubbly... 8pm... I helped myself to an apple from their fruit bowl! And made myself a cup of green tea... One dairy milk bite sized choccie. I drank about 5 or 6 glasses of water throughout the course of the day and a big glass of water before going to bed. I was very aware of the fact that I would have to confess all this to you all! What a day of treats and temptations! To be honest... if I didn't have to confess I may have had more... just because it was there! That is why it is a good idea to do two things: 1. Keep a diet diary, it really makes you aware of what you are eating, and just how much... and 2. Get someone to hold you accountable. Usually if you have to confess your eatings, you are often likely to be a little bit more disciplined about what you are eating, to "Save face". I did try to be as normal as possible... but at the back of my mind I was also aware of setting a good example, I tried to let that go so you could see that I am human, and I do love good food, and to enjoy a celebration... and a few drinks on occasion, and that that is ok! I hope from today that you get that: 1. It is perfectly acceptable to have treat days and let your hair down 2. There are ways to enjoy an array of treats and have a good day and not overdo it, so that you avoid feeling ill on the day or the next day. It is always a good idea to respect your body. 3. You will constantly be confronted by temptation in your life... give in sometimes, say no sometimes. 4. There are always ways to include a bit of healthy or healthier practice into an occasion, find the little ways you can... have a big serving of salad... first. Choose the grilled, or baked or fresh options and avoid the deep fried options. I made sure I had milk thistle before I went to bed and a Vitamin C tablet... to help my body process some of the excess... a delicious day! Detox Day 3: Last day of my detox... Big glass of water Sliced banana, almond meal, a tablespoon of sunflower seeds and flaxseeds and a teaspoon of cinnamon. (Some secret tips for you: Cinnamon: Cinnamon is one of the highest antioxdant spices… antioxidants are great for anti-aging and protection against cancer… but cinnamon also contains polyphenols! These super natural compounds have been found to help regulate blood sugar levels because of their insulin-like action in the body! Almonds: are high in protein so they helped to lower the total glycaemic load of my breakfast, bananas have a relatively high glycaemic index so eating them with nuts will slow the "sugar rush" right down. Another benefit relating to the protein in almonds is the properties of the amino acid glutamic acid/glutamate that almonds contain, which forms glutamine. Glutamine is used by muscles during activity, it is also the fuel the intestinal walls use for repair and functioning... and glutamine is used to make GABA, an important neurotransmitter. The biochemical GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) has a calming, stabilizing effect on the brain. When your GABA is in balance, no matter what happens around you, you have a clear sense of being able to cope, "your feathers remain unruffled".) 9am Chai green Tea around 10am: Orange and a handful of almonds about 10 mins later Cup of water with lemon Lunch at around midday: Heated up Leftover veggies and rice from Wednesday evening! Still very tasty! 3pm: Peppermint Tea Glass of water My husband is having toast and it smells so good! Last day of detox for me, and not usually a big bread eater, but hmm did his toast smell good! Think I better have a snack! 4.30pm: couple of pieces of melon 5.30pm: Made myself a bit of a platter for early dinner... grapes, 2 tomatoes chopped and sprinkled with herbs (origanum), cucumber chopped into sticks, 4 or 5 little radishes, a few olives, sundried tomatoes, baby spinach leaves and rocket with a big squeeze of lemon juice and some spring onion. (My husband enjoyed smoked oysters on rice crackers and some brie with his... I abstained... not wanting to have any processed food while on my detox, and also wanting to stay away from animal protein (oysters not really an animal and actually very nutritious! High in zinc, iron and lots of other great nutrients, however, best to have them unsmoked!) 6.00pm: small handful of almonds. Felt like I needed a little bit more to eat... been in a very snacky mood today!~ 7.30pm: Rooibos and ginger tea Glass of water over the rest of the evening... Off to bed soon and will have my a teaspoon of Psyllium husk in water... Here's a tip, fill the water level to a third, add the psyllium and stir, down it in one go if you can, the psyllium swells and congeals really quickly. Then top up your glass and drink some more water... I find this is the best way, rather than filling the glass to the brim and then adding the Psyllium. Exercise Diary: Went for a half hour walk today! Day 2: 2 April Good Morning Started the day with a glass of hot water and half a lemon Bit of a late brekkie, 8am... Still on detox so fruit for breakfast: Enjoyed delicous ripe pear, then chopped 2 small lady finger bananas into a bowl and covered with about a tablespoon of ground almond meal and a small handful of brazil nuts. 10.15 about 200ml bottled Water while driving in the car to the Goldie to see friend and fellow practitioner Susan Living. 11.30 Herbal tea Around midday, I had an early Lunch: couple of celery sticks while I was heating up lunch... cold and rainy today... so really enjoyed my rice and lentils in plum tomatoes (I had made this previously and frozen it... so just had to heat and eat today! Bonus!). Was away from home so had to be prepared! Susan is on a 40 day fast, so couldn't expect her to feed me! 1pm cup of hot water 4.45pm: Got home and was hungry, hungry, drank a glass of water and then ate 2 oranges one after the other, and picked a few grapes off the bunch in the fridge and munched on them. (Not the best GL Lisa!) 5.15 pm: Cup of chai green tea (black) 6pm: prepared dinner... munched on a couple of spicy radishes while it was cooking... Dinner tonight was bean and lentil soup, garnished with fresh mint and spring onion. (Mixed beans, yellow lentils, onion, garlic, coriander, carrots, sweet potato, celery). Delicious with todays lovely rainy weather outside. Have had a wonderful detox headache today... yay! It must be working! Raspberry White Tea Had 5 or 6 grapes and a small handful of almonds at about 7.30pm Chai Green tea Just before bed 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk in a glass of water... 1 April: Day 1 Detox: 7.30 am:  Breakfast meeting at Bella Cosi: fruit platter and green tea, 2 glasses of water 10 am: Handful of almonds, pear 11 am: Meeting: Jasmin Tea, glass of water 12.45: handful of grapes Salad: rocket, baby spinach leaves, grated carrot, grated fresh ginger, cucumber, tomato, mixed beans (tinned, drained and rinsed), lemon juice and olive oil 2.45 pm: chai tea (black) 4.40pm... melon... running out the door on the way to client... 5pm: large glass water during consultation 7.30 pm... munched on 2 celery sticks and a handful of almonds while I prepared dinner Veggie steam/stir fry and brown rice (bok choy, red and yellow pepper, mushrooms, ginger, garlic, onion, zucchini and yellow squash, chickpeas, carrot, big squeeze of lemon juice... dressed with a generous dollop of coconut oil and chilli olive oil, on brown rice). ...VERY VERY YUMMY dinner! Day 1 of detox down! Going to do some feet in the air and limb rubbing, to get the lymph flowing! Will have a teaspoon of psyllium in a large glass of water before bed... Catch ya tomorrow! Thanks for joining me... don't forget to add your comments!

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