"Health is a large word. It embraces not the body only, but the mind and spirit as well;...
and not today's pain or pleasure alone, but the whole being and outlook of a man."
~James H. West

A Nutritionist’s Meanderings through the UK Food Scene

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I have just got back from a month in the UK, it would have been remiss of me not to explore the food scene while there and report back some of the highlights!

English Summer time!
My girlfriends and I spent a day at the UK’s biggest pick your own farm… it is summer there now, so we feasted on glorious berries of all varieties fresh from the vines… so delicious!

We filled punnets with fresh raspberries, strawberries, blackberries (that left our fingers stained purple), sugar snap peas, beans and more. We picked bright yellow sunflowers to brighten up the house and remind us of sunny days (necessary in the London! ☺).Pick your own Strawberries

This day was not only fun-filled it was the essence of a healthy day out… titillating for the senses, and so nourishing for body, mind and spirit. Being out in nature, gathering food from the vine like our ancestors, talking with friends, absorbing vitamin D from the sun, taking in the fresh air, getting some exercise as you walk the fields. It reminded me of my childhood days hanging out on the farm.

Did you know that eating tree or vine ripened fruit is the best way to enjoy fruit, it is the only time you can ensure maximum freshness and nutritive value, the fruit is bursting with enzymes that are still alive, nutrients that are mature and the body can receive it easily.

A great family day out and a great day out with the mates: pack some supplies and enjoy a picnic feast of all your pickings…
Where are “pick your own’s” in Australia?
You can pick your own strawberries, at Strawberry Lane in Eumundi! Or check out: www.pickyourown.org/australia.htm

Good food in London:
Other highlights included visiting Jamie Oliver’s Recipease shop in Clapham… lots of gorgeous food, and a wonderful demonstration kitchen running daily cooking workshops. Wow, my mother treated me to a rather sinful and totally decadent Almond Croissant. I wish I could say it tasted awful, quite the opposite! It was gorgeous.

But probably my favourite find was a small little restaurant in Walthamstow, called Eat 17, which featured a Quinoa salad! Quinoa, goat’s cheese and grilled mushroom. Absolutely scrumptious!
Quinoa is an ancient South American grain that is jam packed with nutrition, it contains a full essential amino acid profile, it is a complex carbohydrate (so that means it is low GL) and it is wonderfully versatile. I eat it as porridge, for lunch in salads and at dinner as an accompaniment to stir-fry and stew. (You can find out how to make it into yummy meals in our cooking parties).

Edinburgh:Oink in Edinburgh
I earned my degree in Edinburgh, so headed there for a trip down memory lane. A few surprises awaited! I stumbled upon a little café called “Oink”, the window display featured a whole golden brown pig… cooked, perky little tail up and head still on! They served hot roast pork butties. Certainly a hit for the carnivores out there!

In contrast the shop next door looked like a little chemistry lab with big glass bottles lining the shelves. Beside the bottles where little hand written signs detailing the contents… The potions ranged from Home brewed Elderberry Gin to Extra Virgin Olive oil. I delighted my tastebuds sampling the different liquids.

All in all some wonderful meanderings!

Homemade wine and vinegar










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