"Health is a large word. It embraces not the body only, but the mind and spirit as well;...
and not today's pain or pleasure alone, but the whole being and outlook of a man."
~James H. West

Where to Start!? Going to Fast to take a Break?

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Start with Breakfast!

If you would like to have energy throughout the day, then the best way to start is by providing your body with energy at the start of the day!

The ‘clever’ way to enjoy coffee
Many people clamber for the kettle first thing after entering the kitchen and quickly suck down that initial caffeine dose as quickly as possible to rev their engines. 

Coffee only serves to ‘wake you up’ because it contains the stimulant, caffeine.  It doesn’t sustain or energise you for longer than an hour, if that, and it certainly doesn’t feed you!   So before reaching for your beloved coffee, try to give your body the fuel it is really after… nutrients, your brain and body are asking for some energy!  Eat breakfast first, if you still want the coffee, have it later.  You may even find you stop needing the coffee “wake me up”!

(Who’s the Boss?!!!  Are you managing your coffee intake or is it managing you?  Something you need to know about caffeine is: it will affect your stress hormones, it will affect your blood sugar, it will affect your blood pressure, it will affect your digestive system and it will affect your brain.  So moderate it’s use, have it as a “treat” not a drug that you can’t live without!)

Fight the fuzzies?  Feed your brain!
Doubtless, you’ve heard it all before.  Cereal companies love to give us the fear factor and tell us that you must eat your cereal or you’ll experience “the fuzzies”, lose the bounce in your step, put on weight, have no fun or not look your best.  That’s because breakfast really is that important… it doesn’t have to be cereal, cereal is not the only way to go for breakfast (and often it is not the healthiest breakfast).  If cereal’s not your thing don’t be put off! There are plenty of alternatives: a piece of fruit and some nuts, a piece of toast, a boiled egg, a smoothie to name some obvious choices.  Eat something, make it healthy.

What did I have for breakfast?

Most mornings I enjoy fruit and muesli for breakfast.  This morning, my breakfast consisted of a bowl of raw oats and puffed millet, a small apple chopped into pieces, natural yoghurt, 1 tablespoon of seeds and a teaspoon of honey.  I know I’ve lost you, because that sounds a little too complicated!  I am not saying you have to eat like this or even suggesting you do, but there is obviously a reason why I do… oats are great for providing a steady stream of energy, they keep me feeling full or satisfied for longer, so I am not starving by 9am, they keep my bowels regular, they also help to manage cholesterol and have something in them that is great for the nervous system, apples have all sorts of nutrients but also have weight managing benefits, the seeds are essential for my skin, brain and hormonal health, the yoghurt was a treat, it has some good benefits but it is dairy- so I tend to keep my intake low.  In fact, I wasn’t even going to tell you what I eat,  in the interests of considering a realistic approach to most people’s diet choices.  However, a client asked me “what do you eat for breakfast Lisa?”  When I told them they commented: “Wow, Lisa, you really walk the walk, don’t you?” So I decided to ”come clean” about my healthy diet.  At least you can see that I try to set a good example and I am prepared to practice what I preach.  I will say though, everything in moderation, I also enjoy the occasional “cheat” which I call “treat food”, but it’s what you do most of the time that counts.  Besides if you give in to your desires all the time, they become less desirable.  Trust me, when I do eat chocolate cake and drink a cup of coffee, I get a REAL KICK AND BUZZ out of it.  Please feel free, to omit the millet if you choose, and you don’t have to eat like a “health nut” to be healthy, but eat something for breakfast, whatever you can manage, and make it as healthy as you can enjoy!

Why breakfast?
Purely and simply, your body needs the fuel.  It has experienced a few hours without food while you have been resting and all your previous food has been digested and processed into its appropriate end products: nutrients, energy, fat stores, muscle … and waste.  You need to replenish what you’ve already processed by reloading with good quality foods.  If you don’t eat breakfast, your body starts to break itself down to access the fuel it needs… and it starts with muscles (not your fat)!

The top 4 reasons why you should eat breakfast:

1.    Breakfast provides your body with the nutrients and energy required to concentrate and perform at your best during the morning, whether at work, in the classroom or wherever you need to be.

2.    Studies show that breakfast is a vital element in maintaining a healthy body weight.

3.    You are less likely to binge eat or reach for that unhealthy snack and you will have better control of your blood sugar levels (which means more energy and more weight control!)  If you skip breakfast, you will become hungry before lunch time rolls around and for many people, the urgency to put some food in their belly results in grabbing the nearest and most convenient snack.  Donut full of fat and sugar, anyone?

4.    You are more likely to receive your daily requirement of essential vitamins and minerals which means a healthier happier you!



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